Innovative Technology For Global Trading

RCG has a long reputation for setting the standard among futures brokers. As the markets have evolved into global electronic trading places, RCG's futures trading platforms have set the pace, enabling futures traders to utilize these new opportunities.

RCG Onyx Plus® - Setting the Standard for Reliability, Strength, and Speed

With ever-widening market access, a new and diverse range of customers are using RCG's futures trading platform RCG Onyx Plus, to redefine their electronic trading experience.

RCG Onyx Plus is an easy-to-use, highly customizable platform that can be downloaded for desktop use or accessed online via a web browser, giving paramount importance to speed and reliability for order placement, execution and confirmation.

Customizable Technology for Experienced Futures Traders

While RCG Onyx Plus remains the futures trading platform of choice for RCG’s customers, RCG helps experienced futures traders customize their solutions with a range of other industry-standard futures trading platforms and automated trading tools. Algorithmic traders can take advantage of the RCG FIX API and other interfaces to integrate exchange data with their own proprietary trading software and strategies.

Electronic trading requires speed, strength and reliability, and RCG’s Technology Center uses servers co-located with the major U.S. exchanges to provide high levels of functionality, excellent redundancy for mission-critical functions and low latency data for ultra-fast decision making.